Black Ops 4 Boosting - How to Unlock Zero & Recent Character Changes

Unlocking Zero & Recent Nerfs 

Today we are going to be talking about the current state of Zero, how to unlock this character specialist and the recent nerfs that was applied to her; visit our Black Ops 4 Boosting services or our live chat available 24/7 for any questions!

Zero's Nerf

Operation Absolute Zero was released on Dec 11 exclusively for the Ps4 and was accessible for PC and Xbox on Dec 18; with the new addition of this DLC, the character Zero was introduced in the specialist ranks. Zero is by far one of the most broken characters added to Black Ops 4, she was ridiculously overpowered, the main aspect that made her so devastating is the ability to hack basically anything without any negative effects. Thankfully Treyarch listened to the intense feedback the community was outputting and nerfed her on December 19 for all Platforms, PC, XBOX, PS4. With the well deserved recent changes, Zero is finally at a much better place in terms of balancing, the nerf applied added a delay in acquiring the ice pick & to use the ability to use "Hack".

Here is a list of the recent nerfs added to zero, or you can visit the official Treyarch subreddit Here for the full patch notes.


  • Increased amount of time it takes to earn the Ice Pick.
  • Increased time required to hack UAV, Care Package, and Counter UAV.
  • Greatly increased the time required to hack Sentry, Drone Squad, Sniper’s Nest, Mantis, Thresher, Attack Chopper, and Gunship.
  • Increased time required to hack Torque’s Barricade.
  • Hacking an enemy no longer prevents their healing cooldown.
  • Hacking an enemy Assault Pack now causes it to expire.

How to Unlock Zero

Aside from nerfs, we will also take a look at the very easy process of unlocking Zero. The process is very basic, all you need to do is unlock a Tier 1 in the new revamped Black Market, once that is completed you will be able to use Zero in multiplayer and Blackout mode. If you enjoyed our quick view on the patch updates, take a look at our Black Ops 4 Boost section for all type of services for PC, Xbox & Ps4!

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