Black Ops 4 Boosting Services Introduction


Call of Duty Black Ops 4, was officially released on October 12, 2018, this magnificent first-person shooter is by far one of the most challenging and skill demanding games we service, we are proud to announce that we offer every Black Ops 4 Boosting services available to the market for every platform, Pc, Xbox, Ps4.

What are the Boosting Services Offered by Gameboosting?

Black Ops 4 is a unique game that has multiple boosting services. Every service that we offer has a different purpose of giving the user absolute control over what he desires. Some of our services are, Camo Boosting, Multiplayer Level & Weapon Boosting, Character Unlocking Boost, Calling Card Boosting, Blackout Win Boosting & finally Zombie Boosting.

Black Ops 4 Camo Upgrades

Every gamer loves having the choice of attire when playing video games, such as skins or cosmetics, or in this case Weapon Camo's/skins.
Our Bo4 Camo Boosting services deal with all weapon types the game has to offer, such all the Rifles, Machine guns, Snipers, Pistols, Shotguns, Launchers & Knife.
All these weapon types can be upgraded to several different stages for they're respective camo. The path for weapon camos is pretty simple it is distinctly set in three different categories, Golden Camos, Diamond Camos, Dark Matter Camo.

How to Unlock Golden Camo

Golden Camos is the end line progression for a weapon, to earn this camo it is required to complete all the gun’s specific challenges for that one weapon. Every weapon type has its unique progression path, most weapons will require you to get 100 headshots (Red Tiger) before being able to gain access to complete the higher stages of the camo challenges, such as Roller Pink, Mother of Pearl, Purple Hex, Penthouse & Spectrum. The completion of all these camo challenges rewards you with a golden gun for that one specific weapon. All of these challenges are offered in our boosting services page; whether you're at the beginning stages of your weapon progress or the hardest technical camos, we will be able to complete any of camo boost you desire.

How to Unlock Diamond & Dark Matter Camo's

The progression path to unlock Diamond Camos and Dark matter camo are much longer and tedious than the previously mentioned Golden Camo. Diamond Camos become available once the player unlocks all the golden camo skin for that specific weapon category/type. For Example, if you desire diamond for your Outlaw or SDM, you'd have to complete every Golden Camo for the Sniper weapon type to unlock Diamond Camo for the Snipers.

Dark Matter is the holy grail of weapon camos, to unlock the Dark Camo, you are required to complete every single challenge, for all weapons types available in Black Ops 4; Meaning you are required to earn all golden camos for all weapon types to reap the rewards of the Dark Matter Camo. The road to achieving Dark matter is a long and tedious one, let us do the intense grinding for you, visit our Diamond & Dark Matter Camo Boost!

Weapon & Multiplayer level Boosting.

Call of Duty Bo4 is one of the few games that has a prestige/reset system, most games have a maximum level or a level cap, but with this franchise, you get to re-experience the leveling process multiple times, 10 times to be exact! Per example, once you reach the first level cap of 55, you gain access to prestige and start anew from level 1 on prestige 2; doing so will reward you with various prizes. Weapon leveling works a bit differently, every weapon has its own levels with a max of 13, the goal is to get all your weapons to 13; doing so gives you access to all weapon attachments, which lead you to be able to complete all of your camo challenges! The Weapon and Prestige leveling process is a very long and boring one, let our professionals help you out & grind the game for you!

Character Unlocking & Calling Card Boosting

This wonderful game is catered for both casual and hardcore players, character unlocking and calling cards are one of the main aspects of the game designed for the typical hardcore collectors.
Unlocking characters is generally done in the Blackout mode, but there are some characters unlocked through multiplayer & Zombie mode. There's a wide variety of characters to unlock, most of them can be done casually as you explore Black Ops 4 Blackout, but there are quite a few characters that are extremely challenging to unlock not just due to the high skill requirement, but due to the RNG aspect. A majority of characters require the user to find an item in a chest before being able to complete that items mission/challenge. Since there too many characters to name them all, visit our Black Ops 4 Character Unlock Boosting page & let us know how we can help your character unlocking experience.

Achievements & Calling Cards

Calling Cards is specifically designed for the more advanced and hardcore gamers, some of these cards are insanely hard to achieve, some players could spend weeks or months for a single calling card.
There are many achievements or cards that are easy to acquire, but most of them are extremely challenging, we will be looking through the main calling cards we offer at Gameboosting.

Nuked Out & Nuclear Killer is probably the most challenging and wanted calling cards currently available in Black Ops 4, they require the user to get 30 kills streak without dying once, which is unfathomable for most players & is very hard for even professionals to do. Both Achievements requires you to get 30 kills without the use of scorestreaks, but Nukedout can only be done in the Free for all Game mode & Nuclear Killer can be done in any game mode.

The following Calling Cards are equally as challenging achievements to earn;

  • Brutal Killer - Get 25 kill streak without dying
  • Frenzy Killer - Get 5 Rapid Kills
  • Ruthless Killer - Get 25 kill streak without dying
  • Greedy - Earn 5 Collateral medals ( 2 or more enemies killed with a single bullet)
  • Onslaught - Get a Double Kill medal (2 or more rapid kills, 20 times)

Blackout Battle Royale

Blackout is the battle royal version of black ops 4, its the first battle royale genre to take its place in the Treyarch franchise. As most of you know, playing Battle Royale games takes a tremendous amount of skill and awareness, due to its challenging nature the average player struggles to even achieve their first win. Its also worthy to mention that quite a few characters unlock are achieved trough blackout game mode, let us help you on your journey to Black Ops 4 Blackout Boosting with our Professional Bo4 boosters!

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