Black ops 4 Changes Gauntlet & Leagueplay

Leagueplay & Gauntlet update

Black Ops 4 has yet again seen an update, and each and every one of these updates change the game bit by bit, changing the meta, which requires players to always stay on top of the game to keep their skills sharp. Visit our Bo4 Boosting page to learn more about how you can improve your skills in the game in order to develop into a better player. We offer a variety of services like boosting and coaching in order to help you improve your game skill or just to increase the rank on your account. All of our services are completed by verified professionals who do all their work legitimately.


Treyarch has released an update earlier this week, offering quite a large amount of performance changes and minor patches, whilst the bigger updates are said to arrive in late January of 2019. Firstly, Zombies and Blackout modes have received new Mastery Camos. This follows the recent update where weapon camos were added to the Blackout game mode. However, the camos for both modes are said to be arriving in late January.


League play, which was covered in an earlier article was also confirmed to be released in late January. League play has been highly anticipated by the COD: BO4 community, and has seen lots of player support in previous game versions, hence the excitement from the community for this update is truly understandable.  League play is a ranked multiplayer system, that would allow players to join a ranked competitive pool, similar to many other competitive games. League Play has been on the most greatly anticipated updates to be implemented in the game, with the vast majority of the Call of Duty franchise fan base requesting it in every game in the series since it was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.


Treyarch’s BO4 development team is also said to be “laser-focused on developing new features and challenges for the Zombies community” showing great promise for the game mode in future. Developers for the newest game in the Call of Duty franchise mentioned that they will be introducing the first series of 2019’s new Zombies features with content with Gauntlets next week. It is said to be launching first in the “Voyage of Despair” following the addition of three brand new Elixirs on PS4, including new balancing changes to existing ones. Treyarch has mentioned that there will be a Zombies specific update in the future.


New updates bring new game changes, large and small, which will slowly but surely change the game meta. A changing meta requires players to keep up to be able to remain competitive in multiplayer game modes. If you have read and implemented the tips from our FPS basics article, then you should have most of your bases covered for basic gameplay. With the latest update, game boosting is proud to announce Black Ops 4 Gauntlet Boosting services are now available to the public!


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