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Treyarch intro in League play Competitive concept

Black Ops 4 has always been an extremely versatile and enjoyable game, especially thanks to the help of our Bo4 Boost services, which allow you to have much more fun with the game by letting you skip all the unnecessary grinding. Black Ops 4 has been garnering a large amount of attention recently due to talk that there may be a “competitive mode” on the horizon, to be implemented into the game. This will result in an update which may be one of the largest, game-changing updates ever added to the game, or even the franchise as a whole.

Black Ops 4 was released earlier this year on October 12th, and at the launch of the game, there was no mention to any multiplayer competitive that would be added to the game. Before the game’s release, Treyarch, the Call of Duty franchise developer, did mention that the multiplayer game mode called “league play” would make a return to the game series. “League Play” that would allow players to join a ranked competitive pool, similar to many other competing games like Hearthstone, Overwatch, or Destiny 2. League play has been on the most largely requested updates to the game, with a large portion of the Call of Duty franchise fanbase asking for it in every game since it was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Everybody was kept in suspense about the status of “league play” and its viability within the newest game added to the Call of Duty franchise.
However, their suspicions and doubts were answered when Treyarch released a blog post in early December announcing that there would be an update called Operation Absolute Zero, to be released in early 2019, which would include the implementation of “League play”. However, most other details remain unreleased, and Treyarch has not provided all the specific changes to be made in the update, or its specific date of arrival.

Of the few details that were released about the upcoming update by Treyarch was the mention of League play events, which will feature “a tighter, more intense 3-day limited event format”. Players will be assigned on the League play ranked ladder after playing their first League game and will have the other to either climb the League Team Play ladder or can opt in to play in a Solo mode.
The events will most likely use pro-settings and format, with a roughly Elo/Rating based system in which a win grants points and a loss takes them away.
This specific Elo will most likely not be shared but will be displayed roughly through the use of divisions.
Many of you who have played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will remember the 6 divisions that were available for league play back then, which included (in order to rise rank): Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Master.

Gauntlet Boosting

Furthermore, in addition to the previous new competitive options that have been mentioned, there is going to be an addition of a game mode called Gauntlet Events. A Gauntlet Event is simply a period of time which is allotted for people to show off how many wins they can get in a row in a competitive game. For example, the gauntlet event could be for three days and in these three days, you would need to get as many wins in a row as possible. If you reach your required number of wins, you can claim a gauntlet and then show it off to other people whilst participating in other competitive games. Treyarch is trying to expand the appeal for the competitive game mode to a wider audience and thus is adding this mode in order to motivate new players to get achievements and score more wins hence leading them to play more.

In general, the new updates that you will be seeing from Treyarch consist mostly of time-based competitive gameplay. You will be under pressure to complete a certain number of missions within an allotted time frame, and if you do, you will gain achievements that you can show off to other players in the game. The most exciting thing is how boosting can help greatly in this new game mode.

Bo4 Rank Boosting

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