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Thanks to our Black Ops 4 Boost Services you will now be able to have access to one on one training sessions with our elite Black Ops players. If you are having trouble with learning the idiosyncrasies of the game, look no further than our coaches. Forget any tutorials or blogs that try to teach you, nothing is more efficient than learning from someone who knows everything already. You will save time, have more fun playing the game, and be leagues better than your opponents while doing so.


Our bo4 boosting service is a highly personal experience, nevertheless, we can still give some general tips on how to succeed in a Black Ops game. These tips are useful for a general audience, just starting out with Black Ops 4. If you are more experienced or want to learn these in a more efficient way, check out our services.


FPS Basics

In any FPS game, there are a few basic skills that you need to know to be reasonably good. These principles are pretty general, but for someone who doesn’t know them, they can massively improve your performance in-game. These basics are crosshair placement, movement, and general game awareness.


Crosshair Placement

When playing a fast-paced action-packed game like Black Ops 4, you need to be able to be able to shoot the enemy as fast as possible. Thus, it should be a priority for you to be looking where you think the enemy is going to be before the enemy is there. Instead of pointing your crosshair at the ground, you should be having it next to the corner of the wall. This will allow you to get that extra jump you need on your enemy so that you can get the kill. Crosshair placement is one of the most important aspects of the game and can take your skill to the next level. It is one of the most vital skills that can be learned, and it can take you from being a beginner to a master. The development of crosshair placement requires a large amount of practice, due to the fact that it has to be drilled in. You have to be able to hold the correct crosshair placement at any particular point in time or in any place on a specific map. Crosshair placement gives you a great edge in combat against other players because it allows you to predict the most likely spots where enemies will appear, and lets you have your crosshair already placed it. This is why it is paramount to make sure that you practice crosshair placement skills in order to develop into a better player. Proper usage of crosshair placement can bring your game up massively, but crosshair placement is not the only thing that will be able to save your gameplay. Consult one of our many services on the BO4 Boost section to find out more on how to improve as a player!



What is easier to do in real live: doing a jumping 360 and hitting an accurate shot in mid-air or staying as still as you can, aiming carefully, and then firing? Of course, the latter. This same principle applies in Black Ops. Even if a gun’s accuracy while standing still is similar while jumping and moving, your accuracy is not. It is always easier to shoot a target--whether moving or still--while you are not moving. Try to stop as quickly as possible once you see an enemy and then shoot.


Game Awareness

Game awareness is one of those things which can distinguish good players from excellent players. This is because good game awareness is extremely difficult to develop, due to it requiring an extensive amount of practice and repetition in order to be effective. You will have seen game awareness being used by all pros on the gaming scene. Their game awareness is their intuition and their ability to grasp the full context of what is happening around them and their teammates. A good game sense can make it feel like a player has a 6th sense which allows them to see more than you can. This is also why many players may feel that some other players with great game awareness are using visual aids, otherwise known as “wall hacks”. Rest assured that every booster in our Game boosting team has been screened and tested, only the best of the best can work for us.

If you are still confused about these basic fps topics, then our services might be of some use for you. You will have one on one sessions with our professional Black Ops 4 players who can show you the ropes at your own pace. They will teach you exactly what you need to do, so you need not to worry about making mistakes or understanding something incorrectly. If this long-winded approach doesn’t suit your immediate need for a higher rank, then maybe our services can assist you. If you want to unlock special skins or level up your rank, you can make use of our smooth and efficient Bo4 Boosting Services, performed by the best in the leader-boards.

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