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How does Zombie boosting work?

Zombie Wave Boosting
Please select the desired amount of waves and our Black Ops leveling boosters will start the order as soon as possible, sit back and relax while our professional players destroy all the zombies!


  • Unknown
  • Bazl
  • Drake
  • Dayman
  • JK 258
  • Smartmedia
  • immaterial
  • SamL
$ 5.00

Zombie Boosting

Zombie wave clears and map completions.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Gameboosting - FAQ

    How does it work?

    Place order

    When you place the order on our site the order will come up in the order system and a Blackout expert will be assigned to it shortly.

    Coaching action

    All available personnel gets notified about new orders and whoever that is available will contact you shortly or you can handpick a Call of Duty professional of your liking and preference.

    Get in contact

    The Gameboosting professional will add you in blizzard launcher and in Discord/or Skype for your session.

    Join in the fun!