Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Specialists and how to unlock them


With the coming of the battle royale game mode in the Call of Duty black ops series with the new Black Ops 4 game, multiple familiar characters from the Black Ops series have been made playable, and that's where our Blackout Character Unlock Boosting services come into play.
But as it is right now, you actually need to do certain challenges and unlock the characters, to play them. In this post, we'll be introducing you to what is required to unlock each of these characters and our services.
In order to unlock a lot of these characters, you need to find specific items and complete tasks that they require to be done. They can be found in Supply Boxes, through looting zombies, killing enemies and Supply Drops.
The categories of the specialists are as follow blackout characters, zombie characters, and multiplayer characters.


1. The multiplayer characters are mostly not too difficult to unlock, this is what it takes to unlock each and every single one of them:
To unlock Torque, you need to obtain an item called the Note from Torque. It's usually found in supply boxes or supply drops. Then you need to Deploy 2 Razor Wires and 1 Barricade, and lastly, you need to finish the match in top 7 or above, while still having the item in your inventory.

Unlocking Recon requires you to acquire an item called I Ching Coins, which is also found in supply boxes or supply drops, then you need to avoid taking any collapse damage during the game, place in top 7 in a game and finish the match with the item in your inventory.

To unlock Battery, you need to obtain his War Machine, you need to get kills with the Grenade launcher and finish the match in the top 15. Ruin is unlocked by crafting the grapple gun from missing pieces and finishing the match in top 15.

To unlock Seraph, drop in the firing range and find the Annihilator, get kills with the weapon and finish the match in the top 15. Ajax is one of the easier ones to get from the unlockable characters. You simply need to loot fallen enemies and acquire their Broken Armor Plating and finish the match with 3 Broken Armor Platings. How Firebreak is obtained, you need to acquire the Burned Doll item by looting a supply box or supply drop, Confirm a Kill or a Clean up on a downed player and finish the match with the obtained item.

To get Nomad, obtain Juneau's Tags, kill 2 enemies without taking any damage from them, and finish the match with the item in your inventory. With Prophet, you just need to obtain the Ocular Prosthetic item, then win the match while having 3 perks active and the item in your inventory.
To unlock Crash, find his Poker Chips item, and end the match in top 3 with 15 healing items in your inventory and his item.

2. Some of the zombie characters are harder to obtain, but it is all doable with enough time spent into the game. They go as follow :
Dempsey: Find a Death Machine gun, kill zombies with it and finish the match in top 10.
Bruno: Obtain Mug Shot, which you can acquire from Supply Drops, or the Blightfather Event, and finish the match with Mug Shot. Unlocking Diego goes as follows: obtain the Pulp Magazine item, down an enemy with a headshot and finish the match with the item in your inventory.
With Shaw, you need to obtain an Alchemical Set, found in the Blightfather event, or Mystery Boxes. Kill 2 enemies with either Wraith Fires or Acid Bombs, and finish the match with the given item.
For Scarlett, obtain the racing goggles & scarf item from zombies, or the Blightfather event. Then kill an enemy with a vehicle and finish the match with the item.
Shadow Man, you simply obtain by buying the Blackout Pass and unlocking him there.


3. The Blackout Characters are the more difficult ones usually, their missions take an extra task that's harder to do, but they're mostly on par with the Zombie ones.
Unlocking Reznov requires you to obtain the Ushanka Hat, getting a "Long Range" kill (which is 200m or more.) and placing top 2 in squads, top 3 in duos, or top 5 in solos with the item in your inventory.
To unlock Mason, obtain a Stained White T-Shirt, which you can find in supply stashes. Then Wake the Sleeper Agent, and place in the top 4 in quads, top 8 in duos, or top 15 in solos with the item in your inventory.
Unlock Woods by finding his Bandanna item, by killing zombies or looting fallen players, get in a Helicopter, then win the match.
You unlock Hudson from Contraband in the Black Market(Tier 199) in Operations: First Strike.

Ranger, Frogman, Airborne, Seal, and Battle Hardened you unlock at Echelon 20, 40, 60, 80 and 80 Prestige, in the same order.
This is what it takes to unlock most of the specialists in Call of Duty Black Ops 4's blackout mode, and most of them can take what it feels like an eternity for most players. If you're having any issues with unlocking any of the characters, here at Gameboosting, you can find the most professional Black Ops 4 blackout specialists unlock boosting services out there!

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