Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Boosting - How Does Calling Cards Work?


As with every Call of Duty, the new Black Ops 4 does not differ when it comes to the variety of calling cards and titles one can unlock, check out our Black Ops 4 Calling Card Boosting service, we can help you easily unlock any of the hardest calling cards out there smooth and efficiently.

What is Calling Cards?

Calling cards are the personal stamps people see when you kill them, and they're unlocked by doing a certain set of challenges for them. They earn XP when being unlocked. They're basically your title, or background, distinguishing you from other players on the battlefield, and showing off your achievements.

What kind of difficult Calling Cards are out there?

There are quite a few very difficult Calling Cards, that one might find very difficult to obtain:


  • Nuclear Killer: For this challenge, you need to go 30-0 in multiplayer, without using killstreaks.
  • Nuked Out: For this challenge, you need to go 30-0 in FFA without using killstreaks.
  • Master Killer: Complete all of the Master Killer Title progression challenges.
  • Dark Matter: Obtain the Dark Matter Camo, by unlocking all Diamond Camos for all weapons.
  • Bloodthirsty Killer: 50x Kill 5 players without dying.
  • Merciless Killer: 10x Kill 10 players without dying.
  • Ruthless Killer: Kill 15 players without dying.
  • Fury Killer: Earn 1 Fury Kill medal. (4 rapid kills)
  • Four piece Dinner: 10x Have a quad kill in the feed without using scorestreaks.
  • Going Ham: Get a Double Kill Medal or better while earing a Bloodthirsty medal or Better 2 times.
  • Greedy: Earn 5 Collateral Medals.(kill 2 or more enemies with a single bullet)
  • Resistance: Earn a Bloodthirsty medal or better against attackers while guarding a single objective (5 or more kills without dying against attackers)

There are many more Calling Cards out there, and we're proud to say that our professional boosters are capable of doing every single one of them.

What kind of Calling Cards does Gameboosting currently offer?

Our site currently offers all calling cards and challenges out there, with negotiable prices in our live support chat which is available 24/7. If you're having issues with any calling card or challenges, our professional boosters can handle any of the obstacles required, join us in our achievements and calling card boosting services & let us do the heavy lifting for you smooth and efficiently.

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