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Treyarch has announced the return of League Play, a popular competitive feature, along with their new World League Hub system and the Pro Series mode, here at Gameboosting, we offer the best Competetive Ranked Boosting Services available in the market!

The developers are planning to make Call of Duty their most competitive game to date, with their World League Hub system, where players can watch competitive events, participate in them, or read about the latest news about the competitive scene.
What Treyarch has done with the new game in the Black Ops series is they're changing their competitive format to 5v5 for the first time in CWL history, having the entire game tweaked, from maps to specialists and spawns to be played around a 5v5 format.
The mode that will take the entire game by storm is going to be the Pro Series mode, where players will be able to play under the same ruleset as the CWL, hone their skills practicing against other teams and participate in weekly competitive events to earn in-game prices.

For those who enjoy the rating based systems, and like the competition of it, will love the League Play mode, which will be done a little bit differently this time around. What they've done is, they have made the League Play a limited, three-day event, meaning it'll be around only once or twice a week, and it'll be a tight race every time. After you play your first match, you get placed in a ladder where you play against people with similar skill as you and depending on if you win or lose, you gain points, or drop down in the ladder. Whoever earns the most Ladder Points by the end of the event, earns the 1st Place.

What will also be integrated into all of these events and this whole system, is the Clan and Team system, letting you be in a Clan with up to 100 of your friends, and players within those clans could be in up to three teams!
Keep an eye out for this competitive system as it's going to be a game changer in the Call of Duty series. We will be offering League Play and Pro Series modes very soon here in our Ranked Boosting page!

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