Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Character Summary


In the multiplayer mode of black ops 4, you can level up all the way to 55, and once you hit that, you can prestige, going up all the way to 10 prestige, which leads to a master prestige, a hard and lengthy thing to do, which is easily achievable with our Black Ops 4 Level Boosting services.

The multiplayer mode in call of duty black ops 4 has many specialists that you can choose from and play as. They all have their specific abilities and equipment.
Specialists and their abilities

  • Battery:
    Special Equipment: Cluster Grenade - A sticky grenade that explodes into multiple smaller grenades.
    Ability: War Machine - A grenade launcher, that ricochets grenades off any surface, exploding when it contacts an enemy, or after a set time.
  • Recon
    Special Equipment: Sensor Dart - A dart which you can place on any surface to reveal enemies within its proximity on the minimap.
    Ability: Vision Pulse - Pulse the surrounding area and reveal enemies through the walls. Your whole team can see them.
  • Seraph
    Special Equipment: Tac-Deploy - A deployable beacon which lets your teammates respawn in the area where it's placed.
    Ability: Annihilator - A high caliber pistol with one shot potential and increased bullet penetration.
  • Ajax
    Special Equipment: 9-Bang - A tactical flash grenade, it can be cooked to flash and stun multiple times.
    Ability: Ballistic Shield - A shield which you can use while moving, with a built-in machine pistol.
  • Prophet
    Special Equipment: Seeker Shock Mine - A rolling shock mine, that looks for enemies and stuns the first one in its proximity.
    Ability: Tempest - A rifle which shoots electrical rounds, stunning enemies and dealing heavy damage.
  • Nomad
    Special Equipment: Mesh Mine - a tripwire type explosive.
    Ability: K9-Unit - Attack dog that seeks out enemies, or follows you.
  • Crash
    Special Equipment: Assault Pack - A deployable ammo pack that allies can use. Grants extra points when enemies are killed.
    Ability: TAK 5 - Boosts your team's max health and heals them up(up to 4 allies).
  • Ruin
    Special Equipment: Grapple Gun - Pulls you towards your target direction or elevation.
    Ability: Grav Slam - A short leap that delivers a blast in a radius around you.
  • Torque
    Special Equipment: Razor Wire - A razor wire that you can put down on the ground. Enemies that go through it get damaged and slowed.
    Ability: Barricade - Deploy a reinforced cover, which can damage and slow enemies with its built-in microwave field.
  • Firebreak
    Special Equipment: Reactor Core - Emits a radiation field around you, that damages people in the range.
    Super: Purifier - A flamethrower that emits fire at close range.

For the weapons, you have five types of primary weapon types and three types of secondary.
Primary being: Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Tactical Rifles, Light Machine Guns, and Sniper Rifles. The secondary ones are Pistols, shotguns, launchers, and melee.

  • Assault Rifles consist of: the ICR-7, the Rampart 17, the KN-57, the VAPR-XKG, the MADDOX-RFB.
  • The Submachine Guns: the MX-9, the GKS, the SPITFIRE, the CORDITE, and the SAUG-9MM.
  • Tactical Rifles: the AUGER DMR, the ABR 223 and the SWORDFISH.
  • The LMGs: TITAN, HADES, and VKM-750.
  • Sniper Rifles: PALADIN HB50, OUTLAW, the SDM and the KOSHKA.
  • Shotguns: MOG 12 and SG12
  • Launchers are being the HELLION SALVO
  • The melee category only has the COMBAT KNIFE.

The game is overall pretty balanced, and it depends entirely on your playstyle, what weapons and what specialists, you want to use, whereas you can use the MOG 12 and Ruin if you like fighting close range and rushing people, or playback with the PALADIN HB50 and the Recon specialist, picking off people 1 by 1 from afar.
All of this is unlockable by playing the game and leveling up. If you're having any issues, or lack time and you want to unlock all the weapons, prestige, and more, do not hesitate to visit our Black ops 4 Boosting page and see if there's anything you like.

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