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People have been enthralled with the weapon camo skins ever since they were introduced with the first Call of Duty games, and we're proud to announce that we can unlock any skin, up to the Dark Matter camos, with our Camo Boosting service.
As you might already know, there are different stages of camos and different challenges that you need to do to unlock them.
The challenges come in two categories: Performance and Technical.
The Performance Tier of challenges includes either getting headshots on the given weapon or just getting kills with it(being knives or launchers). You need to do all of these to unlock the Technical Tiers, usually going up to 100 headshots or 200 kills per weapon.

Once you complete all performance challenges, you unlock the Technical challenges for the given weapon, and they may differ. You have 5 skins in the Technical Tier. They are as follows :
For the Roller Pink camo, you need to do 10 Longshots with the given weapon. *varies with some weapons.
With Mother of Pearl, you need to get 50 kills with no attachments on your weapon.
For Purple Hex, get 50 kills with 5+ attachments on your weapon.
To unlock the Penthouse skin, get 5x 2 rapid kills. *varies with weapons
And lastly, for Spectrum, one needs to get 5 kills in one life with the weapon.
*these are not the same for all weapons, the difference being with the Launcher and the Tactical Knife.
After unlocking all of those on a gun, you unlock the Golden Camo for that gun.
From then on, you want to unlock all Golden Camos from a category, be it Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, SMGs, etc. and you unlock the Diamond Camo for the weapon category.

Finally, getting all the Diamond Camos for all weapons will get you the elusive Dark Matter Camo.
You can see how time-consuming this can get, especially considering some of these weapons are near impossible to do consistently, starting from the shotgun headshots and going through getting all the challenges done on the snipers, and some of the smgs.
That's where our professional boosters come, here at Gameboosting, we have players who specialize in different weapons, ready to complete any challenge for you, thanks to our weapon camo boost service.

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