I’ve played games for as long as I can remember myself. Games have always been a vocation even I daresay – a school of thought for me. I specialize in turn-based strategic games that are chess like. Experience: I started playing Hearthstone since the launch of Beta in 2014. I play on high legendary level every season and compete in various tournaments. I’ve finished multiple times in top 100 and top 50 of the European Ladder and on my international appearances I’ve defeated the best worldwide known players. Roles: I enjoy the most playing slow control decks but I usually play decently all the top decks in the current meta. Highest/Current: My highest ladder finish is 8th legend in Europe and I’ve peaked at 2nd. I finish at least top 500 every season. Previously played Games: I’ve played Magic: The Gathering and Gwent on a competitive level. Now I focus only on Hearthstone. I’ve finished top 50 in the Gwent Global ladder.