age 22 rank: 4500 I have played games competitively since 2011, starting with TF2, through DOTA 2, CS:GO and finally, Overwatch, where I've attended lans, won tournaments and consistently placed around the tier 1/tier 2 level. I approach each person being coached individually, to find their weakest points and improve them to significantly increase skill. My general focus is on correct decisionmaking and aiming. I have previously successfully coached other players of varying skill levels, and I really do want everyone I work with to get better at playing. -flexible schedule -honest, no sugarcoating, but always fair -high understanding of each metagame and hero relations -focus on positioning and decisionmaking -hitscan dps/offtank main -understanding of ult management -experienced in playing soloqueue, finished at least top500 in every season starting with season 1 while playing various roles -driven and eager to improve both my play and coaching with every opportunity
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