I started to play competitively in CS:GO back in 2010, and switched to Overwatch when it came out in 2016, where I made it to the top 100 by mostly playing dps. I won many lans and tournaments during that time but then decided to invest myself in Fortnite, as the scene grew very rapidly. Since then, I've won over a thousand games and competed in various tournaments and lans where I've made a name for myself. I have a lot of scrim and tournament experience, meaning that I can teach both casual and competitive playstyles. I specialize in advanced building, and I have a very aggressive playstyle, though I can adapt to any situation. In a regular coaching session, I will teach you positioning, advanced building techniques, aiming, turtling and most importantly the right playstyle to use in different situations. I will analyze your gameplay with you and also play with you in game to help you improve as fast and efficiently as possible.
Advanced BuildingOffensive & Defensive playstyleScrim Experience & Competetive