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In this article, we are going to let you in on a few tips and tricks we use. All these tips and more can be shown to you by our Destiny 2 Coaching team during a one on one training session.


Pick the right class for you

As somebody new to the game, you are faced with what can seem like a difficult choice. You are given 3 class options, Titans, Warlocks and Hunters. Whilst there is no wrong choice that can be made in this specific situation for new players, it is imperative that you understand what class you are picking and its class attributes, including its strengths and weaknesses.



Many experienced players would know that Titans are one of the toughest classes available in the game. Due to the fact that they are the toughest class, it leads to them being built for close quarters combat against other players and buffing your defenses in order to increase the amount of damage that you are able to withstand from enemies. The super or the individual characteristic buff of the class is that they can place a protective bubble, surrounding their teammates. This also comes along with a more diverse group of medium level damage dealing supers available to those that pick this class. The defining class ability is that they can throw up a protective wall, which includes on a variant of this ability that allows the automatic reload of the player’s gun every time they crouch to take cover. Titans are an extremely versatile and flexible class that not only provides enormous damage capability but also protects their teammates.



Warlocks are the more powerful of the classes that are available to you. They are quite slow but don’t be fooled, they do a lot of damage. Every super they have is related to massive damage given to the opponents. Whether it is throwing flaming swords or shooting lightning, their supers are all about damage. This class is a great all-around support class with many benefits to every area.



Hunters are unlike any other class that is in Destiny. For starters, they have abilities that mostly center around making the enemies easier targets for their team. They have the widest range of super-types, but they do not offer any benefits to other players. They are a class that should generally be avoided by beginners but the experienced veteran who knows how to play the Hunter can be deadly news for the opposing team.


Constantly try to equip new gear

Whether it be from enemies you kill, opening crates or chests, completing missions, or any of the numerous methods you can find loot, you will be constantly accumulating loot. In this loot, you can find potentially better gear that can help with your survivability. Sure, you might be used to using one gun, but only using one gun is not going to increase your Power level. It’s not too bad to think that only using one lackluster hand cannon once in a while can help you dramatically improve your Power level and survivability in the game. Furthermore, the more experience you have with one gun, the easier that weapon handles for you. 

Bottom line: if you get a new gun, equip it.


This is definitely a lot of information to take in, and rightfully so! If it were extremely easy for anybody to be really good at Destiny 2, then everybody would be. You could increase your efficiency and skill by watching our professionals stream for you during a  Destiny 2 Trials Carry Service, there are still other options. Our D2 Boosting service drastically lowers the amount of time required to give you your enjoyment of the game. If you want a raid completed or anything PvP/PvE related the quickest and easiest way to do that is to contact us and let us help you out. Whenever you have trouble in the game, come to our Destiny 2 Boost services.

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