Destiny 2 Raid Boosting - Scourge of the Past Summary


Hello travelers, Destiny 2 has released new content related to the Black Armory DLC content patch. Scourge of the Past Raid is a new an exciting raid that takes place in the Last City; this Raid was added on December 7 at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET.

In this quick guide trough, we will be focusing on how to complete Scourge of the Past & the changes it makes for Destiny 2 Boosting Services.

Scourge of the Past Raid - Encounter one

The all-new raid is set up in 4 main encounters in an arena type map. The minimum power requirement is 610 to get through the first encounter but to complete this raid; it is recommended to have 630 power level.
The first encounter is a tedious step but easy task if organized; it requires you and your team to kill beserkers and take the orbs it drops to the appropriate locations.

How to kill a Berserker

Beserkers is the mob type that drops the orbs needed for the objective.
Berserkers are immune to damage by default, to be able to damage and destroy them you and your team need to coordinate to hit the front and back weak point in a coordinated manner.

How to manage the orbs/spheres.

The locations for the orbs is operated by two of the members defending the map zone in the center of the Arena, every time a beserker dies, two orb spawn, one player must go to a marked location with his team & the other goes back to power the map in the center of the arena by himself.
If an orb was inputted in the wrong location everyone is your team instantly dies, so to avoid it, make sure to input each sphere with the allocated dots at the right position by using the map at the center of the arena.
Once in a while, some of your members might get the Ionized debuff, when that happens, switch that debuffed individual with the party members defending the central map area. Rinse and repeat this process until you complete the encounter, once it is finished, drop down to the tunnels and get your first reward!

Encounter Two

After receiving your rewards you will be in a labyrinth, your goal is to find the tunnel to get to the next zone, just spread out with your team, and you'll find the path quite easily.
Once you make your way to the big door with two terminals, this is where encounter two starts. Once both terminals activated you and your team must use your sparrows to go through many obstacles while being chased by a boss. This event does not have to be completed by all members; only two teammates must reach the final terminals to complete this step.
Having the perks to get on your sparrow with a low cooldown is a great help during this parkour event.

Encounter Three

Once you finish the sparrow parkour, you will be running through pipelines till you reach the next boss encounter.
In this event, your team will have to split it two groups, Two members on the surface area and Four in the tunnels, or Three members on each side.

The team on the surface has to kill the servitors to enable the team in the tunnels to pick and bring the spheres to gain access to spawning tanks.
Once the tanks are active, all you have to do is focus the arms of the boss while avoiding damage as much as you can, if you don't manage to kill the boss in one rotation you can always rinse and repeat the previous steps to spawn a tank and damage the boss.

Encounter Four - To be continued in article part 2.

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