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Fundamental good habits

Fortnite Coaching is the prime way all of the new and upcoming semi-pros including streamers are using to massively improve their game. Through our coaching services, you can learn from the best Fortnite players and learn smart, not slowly. Our Fortnite coaches will teach you everything from efficient habits to pick up to help you in those stressful situations to totally new and original techniques used by the best to win games against the tough competition.

In this article we can let you in on a few tips and tricks you can use to help with your Fortnite game. All of these tips and more can be shown to you by a coach from our Fortnite team during a session.

To be able to play Fortnite as good as the pros, you will need to develop the same skills as them. This is mostly accomplished by practicing, grinding, and a lot of hard work, but we can give you many tips on how to make that hard work a lot easier. The trick: knowing good habits.

How else can you build and edit super fast if not through that muscle memory you have instilled within you? How else can you switch from an empty weapon to a fully loaded one mid fight as two opponents are building around you? You need to play the game a certain way every time.


Place weapons you normally use in the same slots

You need to place the weapons you use normally in the same slots. For example, shotguns in slot 2, smg in 3, a sniper in 4, and so on. This helps you when you are mid-fight and you need to switch quickly. Instead of scrolling through your inventory or needing to look and find the correct hotkey you need to use, you can automatically (with enough practice) switch to your desired weapon. If you always place your weapons in these same slots, then soon enough it will be ingrained in your head what weapons are where and how to get them. Try to set the weapons you most often use to keys that are nearer to the WASD keys so that your hands don’t need to travel too far in order to reach them.


Play with a sensitivity you are comfortable with

The sensitivity of your mouse is vital to how you can aim, build, and fight. If you always are changing your sensitivity, then you will always need to adjust your aiming, fighting tactics, and building methods. Try to find a sensitivity which you can comfortably turn 180 degrees while still having the precision you can have with your weapons. You can find it out through trial and error (the long and difficult way), or you can take some advice from our Fortnite Coaches. In the sessions, the Fortnite Coaches can give you one-on-one training advice and tips on how to improve the areas you are particularly lacking in. This is especially true in the sensitivity department because we have many professionals who can direct you to the best sensitivity for your personal setup.


Find personalized controls and use hotkeys

For some people, the default controls fit perfectly for them. Nevertheless, for others, this is not the case. You might have specific tendencies that are better suited to different controls and might not even know it! This could be the major issue that is holding you back. Furthermore, hotkeys are super important to fast-paced gameplay. If you can hotkey and be able to do what you want to do at lightning speed, you can be faster than your competition and destroy them. Setting personalized controls and using specific hotkeys takes time and practice to master, and it’s always helpful to have a trained veteran by your side. This, again, can be accomplished if you use our Fortnite Coaching and boosting service. With this, you get personalized recommendations on what controls to use and what hotkeys to use. Through this system, and with enough motivation and practice, you can be destroying the competition in no time!


It is vital that you are practicing competently and efficiently, as to get the most amount of improvement in the least amount of time, our coaches can help you do this, to practice more effectively.

This can definitely be a lot to take in, however, our Fortnite coaches will be there with you every step of the way, at your own pace. Check out our Fortnite Boosting page to find out more about our services and how you can get better at Fortnite.

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