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Fortnite Boosting - Tip and Tricks

Today we are going to be talking about tips and tricks to improving your current win rate in Fornite Battle Royale games and your general performance, if you need any help winning games or improving make sure to visit our Fornite Boost page to check out our services!

Fortnite is a unique and complex game that we all love & hate at the same time, winning games in this intense battle royale is a great achievement and for some of the newer players, getting the first win might take weeks or months. This guide will be targeted for intermediate players with an understanding of "building" & "game mechanics". The goal of this guide to inform the player on how to win a game efficiently and how to stack the odds in your favor.

How do professional Boosters get a high win rate?

Having a high win rate does not make you a better player or the best player, but it gives a general idea on how skillful an individual is. To achieve a high win rate you must play with a defensive and tactical mind, here are a few tips on improving your gameplay.

Tip 1: Landing in low populated areas

Landing in a secluded area of the map facilitates your looting and material farming exponentially. Since all the recent patches, Fortnite has added a lot of mobility trough Golf Carts, RTV's, Airplanes & items, making it much easier to casually farm and treat yourself to good equipment & weapons before having to move due to the Blue zone "Toxic Gas".
Having a high material count and good gear automatically puts you in an advantageous position.

Tip 2: positioning & Decision making

Once your mid game and you have the materials and items you need, the best plan is to conserve your resources and position yourself ahead of time in a high ground position. If you can avoid a fight it is usually recommended to do so, keeping yourself at a high Health / Armor and good items with high resources is the top priority.

Tip 3: Endgame

Once your towards the end game, where there are only a few players left. the best mindset to possess is to avoid all fights and try to only third party your opponent while they fight between each other while conserving your resources. Building in metal and being aware of your surrounding is crucial in end game.

All these tips are geared towards putting you in a defensive mindset, most players do not like this playstyle, because of its defensive nature. This style can be perceived as playing scared or try Harding too much, but in all honesty, playing this way will greatly increase your win rate even if it's less enjoyable to do so.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, here at Game Boosting you can expect the best Fortnite boosting experience performed by our top-tier FN professionals!

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