Fortnite The Road To Battle Royale Wins


Our Fortnite Win boosting team wants to give you some tips and tricks on how to dominate the majority of your games. With a steady winrate of above 50%, we know the little things that differ a good player from the best ones.
Starting from:

Drop location

Choosing a location to drop is quite important. If you really want to win we recommend selecting a location where very little amount of players will drop. That way you guarantee yourself that you will have materials and weapons for the long game. There are two approaches that you can take when you are selecting where to drop.
First: You can pick 1 or 2 locations where you will land every game… pick something like Snobby Shores or Lucky Landing. Rarely these locations have a massive amount of people fighting, but they have a lot of loot for you to help you build your mid and late game.
Second: You can always land at different locations, but still, avoid the ones that will have a lot of players in them such as Tilted Towers.

Collecting mats and weapons

Always collect as many materials as you can when you are moving around. The minimum you should have at all time is around 400 mats, anything below that can give you a headache when you start fighting close range. The building gives you an edge in most battles and will cover you when you need. Weapon meta changes pretty much every season… Shotguns used to be a thing that is now picking up some love again… SMGs and Snipers are also weapons that most people use. Always save at least one slot for Medkits or Shield pots.

Moving forward on the map

The circle will determine which way to go from here on. If you want to collect a few kills you can go and roam the edges of the circle. You will most likely meet opponents that are trying to get inside the circle. Spin your mouse 360 every 10-15 seconds to know what surrounds you. Often you’ll see people that way. Try to not be on very exposed locations where people can get the high ground advantage on you. It is quite likely that you’ll engage in a few fights during this stage of the game.


Building is probably the thing that gives players the biggest advantage in Fortnite. If you know how to dominate with your structures you are on the right course to long-term success. Building vertically has little tricks that help you create your structures faster and stay on top. Practice your building constantly, some patches implement slight differences to how you build and how you change from weapon to building in terms of delay.
Progressing to next locations
At this point in the game, you should have all your favorite weapons. You might be a player that likes close battles or one that likes to snipe / AR players from up far. Doesn’t matter, both playstyles work although aggressive players usually dominate by engaging in close range battles with shotguns and SMGs and better building skills.
When you progress to your next location always watch your surrounding and don’t stay too much on the open. Build vertically to get high grounds and watch for hills or mountains to get advantage from the high. Don’t stay at one place for too long.

Ending the game

When there are only a few players left you want to get into the next circle location and try to get a good high ground advantage. Choose who you want to fight first and if he is not surrounded you can rush for a kill. Granade launchers, snipers and ARs are very useful at this stage to get an edge over your opponent. When they start building try to push them and destroy their builds or get into a structure battle with them if you think you can outplay.

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