Fortnite Tournament Pin boosting - How the tournament leaderboard works


Fortnite has released a new tournament system to test the mettle of players of all skill level in an all-new competitive mode called Alpha tournament where the best players battle to rack up points to gain a Fortnite pin and along came to our Pin Tournament boosting service. The newly implemented tournament system proved to be one of the hardest ladders to climb. It’s not only challenging but requires a lot of dedication & skill to compete to earn a pin reward, but it also evolves with time, making it the first competitive mode Fortnite has introduced!

Fortnite’s Alpha Tournaments is exactly what it sounds like, they are tournaments that take place in the world of battle royale mode almost every day at 6 or 7 PM EST
These are highly competitive, difficult matches where players fight for survival in order to gain points which are only awarded by getting multiple kills and being in the last top 10. The required amount of points needed is 20, 25 or 30 points depending on the event in order to qualify for a pin.

This new mode includes different events where players are supposed to either play solo, duo or squad and sometimes events with specific rules such as limited materials, health & armor gain on kills and more. The current events that are available to play are Solo Tournament V2, Duo Tournament V2, and Friday Night Fornite every Friday!
Every few weeks they may add different events with different rules such as Salty Springs Cup, Tomato Temple Cup or Scavenger cup, but don't worry, we can create custom orders for the new events and have them done for you in record time!

Having your account reach the specified amount of points will reward you with pins and other goodies, such as recognition for winning in said tournaments appearing next to your name (a title earned through pins ), having access to tournament only cosmetic skins & having access to future in-game tournaments! But doing this is not easy as it sounds, the tournament is only available at a certain time of day and most professionals grind the pin on their own account, so don’t hesitate and let us do them for you! Here at Gameboosting, we offer the best Fortnite Tournament Pin Boosting services in the world!

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