Destiny 2 Forge Boosting - How To Unlock "The Lost Forges".

D2 forge boosting, how to unlock "The Forge" - Tips and tricks!

Destiny 2 has released a new content patch update which is called "Black Armory DLC" which adds a lot of different new games modes, Weapons & Armor, Exotics & raid, here at Gameboosting, we offer all new Destiny 2 Boosting events & modes performed by the top players in the world.

In this article, we will be focusing on how to gain access to "The Lost Forge" & tips and advice!

The Lost Forge

The Lost Forge is a new game mode added to D2, with the new black armory content pack, this unique event cannot be started right after the patch release, it requires you to go through a 4 part chain quest to be able to unlock this activity.

Basic Machine Gun Frame

To start this mission you have to travel to the spider in the tangled shore, to do so, you must enter the new tower added in the newly added DLC pack. Talking to ADA-1 will start you off in the first out of four steps to completing "Basic Machine Gun Frame" quest chain. After talking to ADA-1, you will be instructed to obtain a "Weapon Core" & to collect 25 "Compound Ether."

To acquire the weapon core efficiently, the recommended technique is to go to EDZ, The Gulch or the Outskirts and participate in one of the events. All you have to do is open the chest guarded by a drone shield; you don't have to kill the boss to earn the Weapon Core.

To acquire the 25 compound ether is very simple, travel to Trost or any area that has a high density of fallen to get 25 compound ether; only the fallen will drop the compound Ether.

Machine Gun Alpha Frame

Once step two is started, you will be instructed to achieve 15 power weapon multi kills & 50 power weapon hive kills.
This mission is probably one of the easiest steps since you can do them both at once at the same time. Travel to Mars, start an escalation protocol, spawning the first spire is all you need to spawn the hives and mobs required for the mission.
To complete this efficiently, it would be recommended to use an AOE weapon such as Thunderlord.


Step 3 is a bit harder, but still very fast if you do it the right way, this mission requires you to defeat 25 " Powerful Enemies " most places don't have that many spawns but don't worry, we got you covered, you can have it done in no time with our tips and tricks!
All you have to do is load in the Leviathan Raid, at the entrance of the raid, there will be eight powerful enemies lined up for you, kill them, reset the instance and keep going until you finish your mission.


In this last step of the mission, you have to collect radiant seeds by defeating powerful enemies. This step is very similar to our previous mission regarding strategy, travel back to the Leviathan, and farm the powerful enemies there until you get it done, this step might take a bit longer since the item is a randomly generated drop.

Once all these tedious steps are completed, you will be able to turn in "MACHINE GUN FRAME" Mission by traveling back to ADA-1, to receive your rewards! Now that your mission is done, the new FORGE game mode is now unlocked, the recommended power level to enter it is 610. Join us at Gameboosting for the best Destiny 2 Forge boosting by the top D2 Boosters!

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