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Hearthstone is one of those games which require quite a lot of practice get the hang of, but with the help of our Hearthstone Coaches, you will be on your way to the top in no time! Our Hearthstone coaches are some of the best in the business and will help you improve everything from your decks to your board control. At its core, Hearthstone is a strategy card game, and much like other card games, it requires a high amount of skill and calculation to be able to master the game. Once you are fully familiarised with the fundamentals of Hearthstone, it is time to move on to the theory behind the game. Understanding the theory of the game will grant you the capability to make competent plays that will allow you to best your opponents.



Cards are probably the most defining factor of Hearthstone as a game. All games have a fundamental unit of action that allows the user to interact with the gameplay in some way. In Hearthstone that interaction is depicted by the cards which allow you to perform a wide variety of activities such as summoning minions, casting spells, equipping weapons, etc. Since every card has a different and specific function, a lack of cards can heavily restrict the variety of actions you can partake in. This is why it is incredibly important to obtain lots of cards in order to create better synergy for your decks. You can get hold of more cards by either opening packs (which can be purchased) or by leveling up your heroes in order to gain access to basic cards. Basic cards are some of the most important cards for your deck and can only be acquired by gaining experience with the appropriate hero. One of the most important things you have to be able to do in order to improve your gameplay is to make sure that all the cards in your deck are compatible and complement each other. In the end, your main goal whilst making a deck is to create it so that it is more valuable than the sum of its individual parts. Our Coaches can help you create the perfect deck for you through our services.



Mana is the main limiting resource in Hearthstone. Each card has a Mana cost, and it usually correlates with the strengths and abilities of the card. This is why it is vital to managing your mana properly, to be able to gain the most from the mana you are granted each turn. The amount of mana you are granted each turn sequentially rises at the beginning of each turn, starting at 1 and maxing out at 10. This is what also divides gameplay into “early game” and “late game”. Early game cards will most likely be cards that cost less mana but however will have a relatively weaker strength. Late game cards will cost more mana but will have much more capabilities and strengths. This is also why some decks can be made to be good for the early game or the late game. Early game optimized decks will have lots of low mana cost cards that allow the user to play a lot more minions and spells in order to gain more board control, we will speak more about board control later. Late game optimized decks will have a relatively larger number of high-cost cards which will be weaker at when there is less mana available but will gain momentum as time passes.


Control of the Board:

Control of the board is one of the most important aspects of the game, and one of the fundamental cornerstones of gameplay that will be taught by our Hearthstone coaches, check out our Hearthstone Boosting page to learn more. Most of the action in the game is performs by the minions on the board, and it is usually through these minions that you will either win or lose. That is why it is vital to have control of the board and to do this you must have minions on the board that can enact your will. This is also why many pros will insist on trading minions since it will eliminate your opponent's board control and options for attack.  This is also why minion clearing spells are extremely powerful, since if you have minions on the board and your opponent doesn’t, you have control of the board, meaning you have control of the game, leading you to a sure victory.


What has been covered in this article is simply scratching the surface of Hearthstone strategy. While following these tips will be a good start, there will be a lot more to learn in order to become truly fluent within the game. Practicing is extremely useful, however, you don’t want to be practicing the wrong things and developing bad habits. Our Hearthstone Coaches will help you practice more efficiently and effectively, giving you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve, wait no longer and join our HS professionals!

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