New Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Update : Operation Absolute Zero

Everything there is to know about the new black ops 4 update 2018-12-11

Treyarch has announced a new update, which they are describing as "their biggest game update yet", which will include lots of new game content, new weapons and new specialists, which will all be available in our Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Boosting Section.
The Absolute Zero DLC will be adding content to every single mode, be it Zombies, Blackout or Multiplayer, so every type of player will be excited to know there'll be new things to do with their favorite mode. We'll be going through all of the changes in this article.

Multiplayer Changes

With the new DLC, we'll be having quite a few multiplayer changes, the biggest one being, Treyarch introducing the first new Specialist. Her name is Zero and she uses her abilities to disrupt and distract her enemies using her hacking tools, being the first specialist who can utilize her kit to negate other specialists tools. You unlock Zero via the Black Market, completing Tier 1. The black market will be revamped so it only has 100 tiers now, compared to 200 before.
Zero's specialist equipment is called Disruptor, it's a grenade that can disable enemy equipment and scorestreaks. Her Specialist ability is called Icepick, even though the information right now about the ability is not enough, it seems like it lets Zero hack enemies scorestreaks and equipment and destroy them from a distance, using a console much like Crash has.
The Absolute Zero update also adds three new Multiplayer weapons to the table, as well, making the game a little bit more diversity. The three weapons are the Secret Santa melee weapon, the Daemon 3XB SMG and the SWAT RFT assault rifle. And of course, they'll have their own weapon camos, reactive camos, and reticles. There will also be a new Holiday Event which will start on December 13th on the PS4, with new items to unlock. Zero is one of the many new characters that will be added to our Black Ops 4 Blackout Character Unlock Boosting services upon release.

Blackout Changes

Treyarch is coming with a bunch of exciting changes for blackout as well, especially in the technical part, fixing a lot of issues people had with the game. Those mainly being, the game adding a new Armor repair system, visual changes and getting audio improvements, as people were having issues with the directional audio in the game and steps were hard to pinpoint.
As well as weapon balances, for the SDM and Spitfire and just overall changes all over the map. With the new patch players will also be able to visit a new destination on the map, Hijacked will be located on the northwest section. The trailer also shows off a new vehicle player can ride on, the ARAV armored vehicle, an armored jeep with a mounted turret capable of destroying your enemies and vehicles. You can also use the previously mentioned, new specialist Zoe, or one of the four zombie-killing gladiators from IX in the blackout mode, unlockable by completing the brand-new set of Blackout Zombie Character Missions.

Zombie Changes

Treyarch didn't hold back with the updates when it comes to the zombie mode either, with their three new features added to the game:, the Black Ops Authenticity Stamp system, Daily Callings, and Daily Tier Skips.
The Black Ops Authenticity Stamp system allows you to track your stats and show off your progress and achievements to your friends.

You will be able to track your stats, which include :

Number of kills, deaths, downs, revives, headshots, rounds survived
Map selection, game type, numbers of players, and difficulty attempted
Special Weapons, Equipment, and Talismans used
Perks and Elixirs equipped
Number of Elixirs consumed
Match duration, score spent, the final score, and more

What the Daily Callings will provide, are new challenges that reward you with XP and Nebulium Plasma when completed. You can keep track of your challenges in the Zombies Barracks, to make sure you get your extra rewards daily!
Blackout is not the only mode to get a seasonal event, as zombies are getting the Winter Calling event with more personalization rewards for zombie enthusiasts.
With all these new changes coming right around the corner with the new Operation Absolute Zero update, don't hesitate to check our Black ops 4 camos boosting page, as we will be offering all of the new content!

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