What it Takes to Unlock The Dark Matter Camo


If you enjoy unlocking cosmetics and distinguishing yourself from the rest on the battlefield, you must've started your grind for the elusive dark matter camo in Call of Duty Black Ops 4.
But have you realized how long and time consuming these challenging tasks take, consider all the weapons out there, and how insane some weapons are to play with compared to the others? Let us put your mind at ease and try out our Black Ops 4 Camo Boosting with our top-tier professional boosting team!

In this article I'll be showing you tips and tricks, to pass through some of the harder tiers of the camos and explaining which ones are harder and why.

As most of us already know, to unlock the Dark Matter Camo in Call of Duty Black Ops 4, one needs to complete the challenges for every single weapon out there, unlocking all of their camos up to the Gold one. Every weapon has its positive and negative aspects; we will be looking through the easy & hard guns to golden camo.


Starting from the Assault Rifles, we have the ICR-7, the Rampart 17, the KN-57, the VAPR-XKG, and the MADDOX-RFB. Nothing to get too much into details with, as all of these weapons are reasonably easy to unlock camos on, most significant reason being, they're very balanced weapons, with a lesser spread, easier to hit headshots with for the first camos up to Red Tiger and not too hard to master either.

Next up, the Submachine Guns. Ah yes, a favorite weapon type for a lot of people, but not necessarily an excellent weapon type for headshots. They are decent for longshots, Bloodthirsties and overall all the other technical camos, as they're a pretty decent weapon type for hardcore. Here, we have the MX-9, the GKS, the SPITFIRE, the CORDITE and the SAUG-9MM.
The two most challenging weapons in this category are the SPITFIRE and the SAUG-9MM. Because of their insane recoil and overall weapon handling, it's near impossible to get consistent headshots on these weapons. The smartest thing one can do is using them in the Hardcore mode, with close ranged scopes, like a reflex sight and have a laser sight attachment just in case someone hops out of nowhere, and spray near neck level, as they do not necessarily headshot even in the Hardcore mode.

The Tactical Rifles are pretty decent when it comes to doing the challenges, as they're another weapon category that is very balanced and good at range and fire rate. Headshots and longshots are the most natural things to complete with these weapons. Those weapons are the AUGER DMR, the ABR 223 and the SWORDFISH.
Using the Light Machine Gun weapon type, you will notice that these weapons are arguably the easiest ones to use and also to complete camo challenges. You have the TITAN, the HADES and the VKM-750, all decent mid-range to long-range weapons with high damage potential, you can set up far away and farm all the easy headshots and technical camos in Hardcore effortlessly.

Next, the Sniper Rifles are one of the most disliked weapons to grind with, even if they're entertaining for the players to use. The following weapons are extremely hard to abuse in the hardcore game mode and take longer than most to grind, PALADIN HB50, OUTLAW, SDM & KOSHKA. The SDM & The KOSHKA are by far the hardest golden camo to unlock in the sniper category.
The best thing you can do is rush weapon levels on the SDM, to unlock the high caliber attachment, and equip it, as the weapon itself does not one shot headshots, and it is counterproductive to farm the 100 headshots that way.

Getting into the secondary weapons, they're all pretty challenging to utilize efficiently, and do the challenges for them.
The first category of the secondary weapons is the pistol weapon type; in this section, we have the Strife, the Rk 7 Garrison, and the Mozu.
The Strife is a pretty efficient and straightforward pistol to use in hardcore; players shouldn't have too many issues with it. The Mozu is a pistol you want to have the wildcard unlocked on. Reach the maximum level with it, unlock the one-shot headshot wildcard and play regular multiplayer with it.
The RK 7 GARRISON, however, is one of the hardest weapons to unlock camos on, as the weapon itself has a very high recoil, and it doesn't get to one shot or even two-shot headshot in the Hardcore mode, and you'd need to either spray and pray in that mode, or play a regular TDM / Domination mode.

Next up, another enjoyable weapon category is the shotgun. It contains two weapons, the MOG 12 and the SG12. Both extremely hard weapons to farm headshots on, and not necessarily the easiest for technical camos either. Its recommend to use this weapon in Domination, but make sure to play as close corners as possible, and avoid maps with long walks to fights.

The Launcher and the Combat Knife weapon types have their own unique technical camo challenges and are significantly more difficult, or time-consuming based to more RNG than any of the other weapons.
The Launcher, named the Hellion Salvo, has five technical camos as with every other weapon, but their challenges go like this:


  • Roller Pink - Get 10 direct hit infantry kills with the Hellion Salvo. - For this challenge, you want to pick the Domination game mode and just kill people who are standing still capturing the point.
  • Mother of Pearl - Destroy five scorestreaks in a single game with the Hellion Salvo. - For this one, play either the Domination or Hardpoint game mode, as you know the point itself gives a lot of scores, towards enemies scorestreaks.
  • Purple Hex - Destroy two scorestreaks rapidly with the Hellion Salvo. - Here use the Fast Lock and Fast Loader attachments in again, preferably a Domination or Hardpoint game mode, as there will be more scorestreaks there.
  • Penthouse - Destroy 5 Sentry Guns, Mantis, Snipers Nests, Attack Choppers or Gunships with the Hellion Salvo. - Run the care package scorestreak and the engineer perk, and use the perk to change what's inside the care package when it drops, until you get one of the above-described scorestreaks. That way you can bait your enemies, to pick up your care package and destroy their newly acquired scorestreak; this will significantly speed up the process.
  • Spectrum - Destroy 25 Tac Deploys, Barricades, or Razor Wires with the Hellion Salvo. - Pretty self-explanatory.The Knife named the Combat Knife, requires 200 kills for the first camos up to Red Tiger, and then also has it's own Technical Camo challenges.
  • Roller Pink - Get 10 Backstabber medals with the Combat Knife. - Pretty straightforward, it'll just happen as you're playing the game.
  • Mother of Pearl- Get 5 Survivor Medals by killing a player with the Combat Knife. - This one is rather easy and happens on its own as well, you get the survivor medal by killing someone who's damaging you.
  • Purple Hex - Get 5 Revenge medals by killing a player with the Combat Knife. - For this one, what you want to make sure is once you get killed by someone on the enemy team, remember what specialist they were playing and seek them out.
  • Penthouse - Kill 5 enemies with their own weapon after killing them with the Combat Knife. - We're getting into the hard part of the Technical Camos. With this one, it's very similar to the Purple Hex one, but a bit more rng based as you don't have unlimited ammo on the enemies' guns and you only get one try per life. Kill someone with the Combat Knife, remember what specialist they were playing and try to catch them off-guard near their spawn.
  • Spectrum - Get 5 kills without dying 5 times with all kills coming from the Combat Knife. - This one is the same as the other spectrums for most weapons, play very close corners, maybe use a UAV or a recon dart and change your position after each kill.

As for specialists, no matter what weapons you are using, if you are stuck on headshots, or kills, a smart thing to do is to use Ajax or Prophet, use your crowd control abilities and make sure you have your equipment charge on, for faster recharge of your abilities.
Knowing all of this, one can see how time-consuming obtaining the Dark Matter Camo can be, considering ones progress on a bunch of these can be seized by the unfortunate timing of an enemy scorestreak, multiple enemies fighting you at the same time or just having an outstanding player in a lobby. Gameboosting is proud to offer the quickest & smoothest Dark Matter Camo boosting that is entirely legitimate and more, visit our promo deals boosting services page for more information or visit our live chat, available 24/7!

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